281 Vincent Lamprey: Polyandry as an alternative husbandry strategy for the cotton-top tamarin.

Spartaco Gippoliti: A contribution to the history of zoos in Italy up to the Second World War.

John Partridge: North American river otters at Bristol Zoo.

Ken Kawata: Three little treasures in Texas.

Mark Pilgrim: Eggs and chips: newly developed software to aid artificial incubation.

280 Jon D. Blount: Design and management of a mixed-species African Plains' exhibit: large ungulates, small carnivores anddangerous’ rodents.

Govindasamy Agoramoorthy: Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centres in South-east Asia.

Sue Dale Tunnicliffe: The role of plants in zoological gardens.

Bernhard Blaszkiewitz: Rhinos in Berlin.

John Tuson: Three small zoos in the West of England.

279 Celia Ackerman: Nest-site preferences, pair-fidelity and site-fidelity in gentoo and chinstrap penguins.

Richard Perron: Conservation in the Philippines: what can we do to help?

Stephen P. Woollard: `Bug World’ at Bristol Zoo.

278 Ken Kawata: Return of El Lobo: a recovery program coming of age.

Farshid Mehrdadfar: Detecting estrus in black rhinoceros by behavioral observations.

Barrie J. Mellars: DNA avian sexing – the latest developments.

277 Diana Guerrero: Elephant management in the United States: the evolution of change.

Robert L. Russell and Robert `Mac’ West: Rainforest exhibits.

John Adams: Changes to the animal stock of British zoos, 1972–1997.

Harald Schwammer: Breeding a rare domestic animal: the Noriker horse.

G. Vakhrusheva, O. Ilchenko and T. Vorobiova: Behaviour of captive elephant shrews during parturition.

276 Obituary: Geoffrey Schomberg.

Ken Kawata: Penguins in Japanese zoos and aquariums, 1995.

Gaby V. Schwammer: Ethological studies at Schönbrunn Zoo.

Maarten de Ruiter: Breeding the red-and-yellow barbet.

Jan Vermeer: The formation of a captive squirrel monkey group.

275 Jim Joy: BioParks: today and tomorrow. [Guest Editorial]

Thomas F. Grittinger: Activity patterns in polar bears at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

John Partridge: The Twilight World of Bristol Zoo.

Sophie Sharpe: Environmental enrichment for singly-housed South American tapirs.

John G. Pickard: Wild bird rehabilitation at Wellington Zoo.

274 Christian Braendle & Thomas Geissmann: Behavioural development of a pileated gibbon.

John Partridge: A Tour of Some Zoos in The Netherlands.

Andrew C. Kitchener: Ageing the Sumatran rhinoceros: preliminary results.

Andrzej Ziober: The role of a zoo in shaping ecological awareness in children and young people.

Achim Winkler: Twin giraffes at Duisburg Zoo.


273 Spartaco Gippoliti: Animal rights, great ape conservation and zoos. [Guest Editorial]

A. Savage, D.S. Zirofsky, L.H. Soto, L.H. Giraldo & J. Causado: Proyecto Tití: an integrated approach to conserving the cotton-top tamarin.

Thomas Grittinger, Neil Dretzka, Christopher John & Valerie Werner: Evidence of dominance in captive male cheetahs.

Donna FitzRoy Hardy: International conservation and the World Wide Web.

272 Karl H. Peterson: The global decline in amphibian species: a perceptual deficit in the zoo and conservation community.

Minoru Yajima: The development of insectariums and their future.

Farshid Mehrdadfar: Neonate tending behaviors in a captive colony of naked mole-rats.

Sue Dale Tunnicliffe: Talking about animals.

Ian Marshall: Breeding the spotted eagle owl.

271 Stephen P. Woollard & Andrew C. Smart: `Zoolympics’: an evaluation of an interactive education trail at Bristol Zoo.

Ewa Trzesowska and Ewa Zgrabczynska: Dietary preferences and preliminary observations on the behaviour of the striped possum.

[Dactylopsila trivirgata]

Mathias Orgeldinger: Behavioural changes following the death of a siamang infant.

Ray Cimino: Behavioural and cognitive techniques utilised by zoos: a review.

270 [Special Issue: Zoos and in Situ Conservation]

Roland Wirth: Guest Editorial.

William Conway: The in situ conservation program of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Sukie Zeeve: The Madagascar Fauna Group: in situ conservation initiatives for Malagasy wildlife.

Jean-Marc Lernould: A joint Franco-German-Malagasy conservation programme for Sclater’s lemur.

Gay Reinartz & James Mills: A case history for supporting field conservation: the Zoological Society of Milwaukee.

Chris Furley: The Gorilla Rescue Project, Brazzaville, Congo.

N.B.D. Lindsay: Roloway Monkey Project, Ghana.

Gordon McG. Reid: Zoo fieldwork to conserve African fishes.

Nicholas G. Ellerton: A primate survey in Gashaka Gumpti National Park, Nigeria.

John Tuson: The `Drusillas in Africa’ Project.

David R. Waugh: Loro Parque Fundación’s involvement in parrot conservation in situ.

Ronald Tilson, Neil Franklin, Philip Nyhus, Bastoni, Sriyanto, Dwiatmo Siswomartono, & Jansen Manansang: In situ conservation of the

Sumatran tiger in Indonesia.

Sarah Christie: Support for in situ tiger conservation: zoos working with Esso UK.

Reg Gates: In situ conservation in Java – Perth Zoo’s Silvery Gibbon Project.

William L.R. Oliver & Lawrence R. Heaney: Biodiversity and conservation in the Philippines.

William L.R. Oliver & Roland Wirth: Conservation programmes for threatened endemic species in the Philippines.

Marc Boussekey: Sagipin Ang Katala Sa Palawan! (Save the Philippine Cockatoo in Palawan).

Werner P. Heuschele: An Overview of in situ conservation work of the Zoological Society of San Diego.

Norman Gershenz & Leslie Saul-Gershenz: Saving wildlife in nature: a broad-based coalition.

Robert D. Klemm: A smaller zoo, a large project: development and current direction of the Paraguay Fauna Interest Group.

Hubert Lücker: Project `Cara-roxa’ and the EEP for the red-tailed amazon.

Peter Stevens: The Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust and spider monkey conservation in Venezuela.

Peter Tolson: The West Indies Fauna Interest Group.

Daniel Hilliard: The Zoo Conservation Outreach Group: linking zoo-based conservation efforts in the Americas.

Carlos Estrada-Croker, Eduardo J. Naranjo, & Brian Miller: The Mexican black agouti in Chiapas, Mexico.

Jeremy J.C. Mallinson: The development of cooperative partnerships in support of in situ conservation programmes.

Tiit Maran: Ex situ and in situ conservation of the European mink.

269 Pier Lorenzo Florio: The new aquarium in Genoa, Italy.

A.R. Thorne & P.J. Whalen: Conditioning of black rhinoceros for reproductive manipulation.

S.J. Rao & T. Whittaker: Problems in hand-rearing a single bush dog.

Angela R. Glatston: Apes in zoos – prison or sanctuary?

David Hampton: Unexplained fires in great ape houses.

268 Chris Vere: Chester Zoo’s new zoo guide.

John Visser: The capture and transport of large sharks for Lisbon Zoo.

John Tuson: Personal impressions of the zoos of Hungary.

Don Cousins: Attitudes to gorillas.

Robert Young: Visits to some zoological collections and national parks in Florida.

N. Baskar & M. Jagannadha Rao: Breeding the common palm civet at Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Madras, India. [Paradoxurus


267 Frank Rietkerk: A review of the 1994 EEP Annual Reports.

Anna Józefowicz & Rados_aw Ratajszczak: The new Nocturnal Pavilion at Pozna_ Zoo.

Ken Kawata: Large wading birds in Japanese collections, 1994.

Maarten de Ruiter: Breeding the trumpeter hornbill: an overview.

266 John Tuson: Some zoos of Poland and the former East Germany.

H. Jörg Adler: `Hands-off’, Protected Contact or Free Contact: linguistic and other problems in elephant husbandry.

Achim Johann: The EEP for the gelada baboon – an overview.

Ken Kawata: Visits to two collections in Boise, Idaho.


265 Thomas Geissmann: Gibbon systematics and species identification.

264 Rana Bayrakci: Askaniya Nova: Last sanctuary of the Ukrainian steppes.

John Partridge: A contrasting mixture: visits to some West European collections.

Jacques Prescott: The ethics of keeping animals in captivity.

263 Spartaco Gippoliti: Captive breeding programmes and wildlife conservation: some personal observations. [Guest Editorial]

Beverley G. Williams: `The Joy of Questionnaires’ – compiling the Guenon Management Guidelines.

S.V. Popov, O.G. Ilchenko & G.V. Vakhrusheva: The effect of environmental enrichment and the novelty factor on the behaviour of elephant


Marthe Kiley-Worthington: Some arguments for zoos and circuses.

262 Sue Dale Tunnicliffe: The content of the conversations of primary school groups at London Zoo.

Hubert Lücker: Dresden Zoo’s new outdoor orang-utan enclosure.

Zeta Steen: Effects of enriched food acquisition on activity budgets of two tamarin species at Adelaide Zoo.

261 Daniel Stiles and Esmond Bradley Martin: Economic boom leads to wildlife doom in Southeast Asia. [Guest Editorial]

Geoff Williams: Integrating wild-caught animals into zoos: a case study involving the collection of platypus from the wild.

Don Cousins: The African forest elephant and its status in captivity. Part II: North America.

Mathias Orgeldinger: Feeding captive siamangs: a nutrition analysis and some proposals to enhance feeding in a more natural manner.

Roland Wirth and Jörg Adler: The Endangered Primate Rescue Programme, Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam.

260 David R. Waugh: Management of captive cracids in Venezuela.

Leif Blomqvist: The snow leopard in captivity in 1992.

Ray Cimino: The development plan for Dublin Zoo.

259 M.R. Brambell: Obituary: Gerald Durrell.

Frank E. Rietkerk: A review of the 1993 EEP Annual Reports.

Graeme Strachan: Introducing three unrelated female chimpanzees to an existing colony.

G.V. Vakhrusheva & O.G. Ilchenko: Maintaining and breeding the piebald shrew in captivity.

John Partridge: Our teaching role.

258 Marvin L. Jones: Zoos and aquariums of Germany and the U.S.A., 1974–1986–1994.

Rana Bayrakci: Ukrainian zoos: the old and the new.

Shigeru Aoyama: Breeding the Asian arowana.

Martin Hancox: Captive breeding of badgers and some conservation implications.

Sue Dale Tunnicliffe: The new children’s zoo at Schönbrunn Tierpark.



Ken Kawata: Pachyderms and ungulates in Japanese zoos, 1993.

Ray Cimino: Reptile welfare in zoo collections.

J.G. Pickard: A critique of European zoos from an Australasian perspective.

Hanna Sitek: Breeding bat-eared foxes at Poznan Zoo, Poland. [Otocyon megalotis.]

Erik van Vliet: The new elephant and baboon area at Beekse Bergen Safaripark.

John Partridge: Visits to some German zoos. [Krefeld, Wuppertal, Lobbecke Museum and Aquazoo (Düsseldorf), Cologne, Duisburg.]

256 Stefan Ormrod: The modern zoo – ark or showboat?

Achim Johann: Prosimians in European zoos – the work of the Prosimian Taxon Advisory Group.

Abigail J. Caudron: Mother-pup interactions in South African fur seals.

G. Vakhrusheva, I. Volodin, O. Ilchenko, and E. Pavlova: Keeping and breeding jerboas at Moscow Zoo.

Anne Cher: Breeding and hand-rearing Pesquet’s parrot at Jurong BirdPark, Singapore. [Psittrichas fulgidus.]

255 A.C. van Bruggen: Four recent commemorative zoological garden volumes: Antwerp, Berlin, Paris, Vienna.

Jan Vermeer: Notes on the management of the woolly monkey in captivity. [Lagothrix lagotricha; Apenheul.]

David Lindsay: Scientific studies of marine mammals at two U.K. facilities.

Don Cousins: Gorillas in Europe: an update. [See No. 232.]

H. Sugita and T. Komine: Group pairing of oriental white storks. [Ciconia boyciana.]

254 Sue Dale Tunnicliffe: Why do teachers visit zoos with their pupils?

Andrew Pinchin: Elephant culling: rationale, practice, alternatives.

Graham Mudway: The pine marten in captivity. [Martes martes.]

Ray Cimino: Cooperative elephant breeding between zoos and circuses – a realistic proposal?


Marian Diaz de Waugh and David Waugh: Veterinary medicine in Venezuelan zoos.

Jenny Thurston: Volunteers – help or hindrance?

Osamu Takenaka: Establishing chimpanzee fatherhood by DNA polymorphism.

Hiroki Nagata: How a sexually dominant chimpanzee male is replaced.

Ian Marshall: Breeding the collared scops owl. [Otus bakkamoena.]

Maarten de Ruiter: A successful hornbill nestbox. [Wreathed hornbill (Aceros undulatus).]

Tony Warburton: Zoo Profile – The Owl Centre.

252 Varvara A. Meshik: Group formation in adult Japanese macaques. [Macaca fuscata.]

Karola Walter and Mario Perschke: The use of leaves in feeding colobine monkeys.

John Dineley: Reintroducing captive dolphins into the wild – current developments.

Khaja Nazimuddeen: Hand-rearing the southern pied hornbill. [Anthracoceros convexus.]

251 Ray Cimino: Dublin Zoo – a renaissance in the 1990s?

Don Cousins: The African forest elephant and its status in captivity. Part I: Europe. [L. a. cyclotis.]

Andrew Pinchin: Conserving the Nile crocodile in Zimbabwe – the value of sustainable yield utilisation.

M. Kawai and F. Kaneko: Daily infant care by the red panda.

250 Ken Kawata: Carnivores and pinnipeds in Japanese zoos and aquariums, 1992.

Sally Walker and Malcolm Whitehead: Teaching biodiversity conservation in Indian zoos.

Mathias Orgeldinger: Monitoring body weight in captive primates, with special reference to siamangs.

Sue Dale Tunnicliffe: Television broadcasts, videos and zoo visits.

Martin Hancox: Tuberculosis in zoo animals and wildlife – some conservation implications.



Graham Law, Hugh Boyle, Alison MacDonald, Allan Reid & Gordon McLeod: Ocelots and polar bears: flying kites for conservation?

[An imaginative conversion of an old polar bear pit.]

Ken Kawata: Captivity: a reality check. [Reflections on the use and connotations of such words as `captive’.]

John Partridge: A zoo tour to The Netherlands.

248 Koen Brouwer: The 1992 EEP Annual Reports.

Tracey Jones & Malcolm Whitehead: Baikal seal behaviour at Twycross Zoo and elsewhere.

Michael Brambell: The evolution of the modern zoo.

Spartaco Gippoliti: Rome Zoo – its history, its decline and some proposals for its future.

247 P.J. Wisniewski: Breeding for conservation in a private collection: the Endangered Species Breeding Unit. [Mainly amphibians.]

Andrew Pinchin: Zimbabwe’s rhino dehorning programme.

Diana Bratton & Norrie Dimeo-Ediger. Displacement rates at food bowls in a mixed African species aviary.

Jacques Prescott: Zoological gardens and biodiversity: from animal displays to environmental action.


Miranda F. Stevenson: The diana monkey studbook.

Sally Walker: Information is – or should be – free. [Zoo publications and `Third World’ countries.]

René E. Honegger: Undesirable trends in the captive management and conservation of reptiles.

Don Cousins: The puzzle of the pygmy elephant.

245 Andrew C. Kitchener: A review of the evolution, systematics, functional morphology, distribution and status of the Ursidae.

Paul M. Irven: The decline of bears in British zoos.

Sue Dale Tunnicliffe: Taking animals into schools.

Khaja Nazimuddeen: Breeding and rearing the Malay fish owl.

244 Donna FitzRoy Hardy: Research in British zoos.

Andrew Pinchin: The Pan-African Decade of Duiker Research – an integrated programme of field and captive-based conservation.

Brian Bertram: The future of zoos: arks or distractions?

Martin Hancox: Sociology and post-Darwinian science – objective illusions?

John Partridge: The Association of British Wild Animal Keepers: an historical overview.

243 Ken Kawata: A review of primates in Japanese zoos, 1991.

Amanda S. Embury: The Australasian Regional Primate Taxon Advisory Group.

Marthe Kiley-Worthington: Handling and teaching zoo animals.

A. Wooldridge & P.J. Wisniewski: The western Cape Barren goose at Martin Mere: a brief history.

242 Rob Belterman & Catherine E. King: Captive management and husbandry of red-crowned cranes in Europe.

Margaret Gordon-Garrison: `More than meets the eye’ – the work of the San Diego Zoo photo department.

Geoff Williams: Platypus management in Australian zoos.


241 Christian R. Schmidt: Obituary – Prof. Heini Hediger, 1908-1992.

William L.R. Oliver: The current taxonomic and conservation status of wild pig and peccary species, with particular reference to captive breeding.

Donna FitzRoy Hardy: The Consortium of Aquariums, Universities and Zoos.

Ken Kawata: A visit to zoos in west and central New York state.

N.J. Pinder: A comparison of hand-reared and mother-reared southern sealion pups.

240 Richard Perron: The cassowary in captivity.

Thomas F. Grittinger: Social behaviour of captive adult jaguars.

Hideto Nishiki: The scimitar-horned oryx breeding programme at Tama Zoo.

John Partridge: The green acouchi.

239 Andrew Pinchin: Anthropomorphism: science and humanity.

Koen Brouwer: The 1991 EEP Annual Reports.

Richard Johnstone-Scott: The integration of Julia. [Gorillas at Jersey Zoo.]

Sue Dale Tunnicliffe: Cross-curricular learning in zoological gardens.

238 John Tuson: Personal impressions of some mid-western zoos.

David Neville: Dulcie and Freddie Cooke, Aviculturists.

John Partridge: South American fur seals: some notes on their husbandry.

Don Cousins: Gorillas in North America, 1897-1955 – a chronological list.

237 Harmony Frazier-Taylor: Introducing the AAZK Zoo Infant Development Project.

Claire Ellis & Linda Hoffman: Indonesia’s Sahabat Satwa, Friends of Wild Animals.

Sally Walker: Curator of orang-utans.

P. Laurent Duvergé: Study of a pudu fawn born at London Zoo.

236 Leif Blomqvist: Captive snow leopard report for 1989.

Sue Dale Tunnicliffe: Zoo education.

A.M. Pinchin: The economic incentive: conservation and wildlife utilisation in Zimbabwe.

John Dickson: Maintaining and breeding the pancake tortoise at Bristol Zoo.

235 John Tuson: British zoo guide-books.

Abdul Jamil Urfi: The significance of Delhi Zoo for waterbird conservation.

Kumiko Hara & Hiroshi Hori: Breeding the kagu at Yokohama Nogeyama Zoo. [Rhynochetos jubatus.]

Martin Hancox: Bumble bees and the evolution of sociality.

234 A.M. Pinchin: The elephant – captivity or conservation?

Marian Diaz-Matalobos & Laura Barraza: Bridging the gap – Latin American zoos and the world zoo community.

Viktor Reinhardt: Are rhesus macaques really so aggressive?

Graham Law: The North American porcupine.


233 Pat Mansard: `Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic’ – species, subspecies and small cat survival.

M.E. Schumann: Breeding strategy and field observations of captive cheetahs.

Teruyoshi Asano: Distinguishing individuals of the Asian arowana.

David Neville: The European directive on zoos.

Ernie Thetford: A siamang fostered at Howletts Zoo Park.

232 Chris Faulkes: The naked mole-rat.

Sally Walker: Rod Hall and British Airways Assisting Nature Conservation.

Pierre Brouard: Paris – a new director.

Don Cousins: Gorillas in Europe, 1855-1955 – a chronological list.


Mathias Orgeldinger: Siamangs in captivity: an overview.

John Dickson: Maintenance and reproduction of the Cuban boa.

David Neville: Kilverstone: requiem for a zoo.

Roger Cawley: Zoo Profile – Longleat Safari Park.

230 Colin Tudge: A new philosophy of zoo labelling.

Viktor Reinhardt: Uncommon tool usage by captive primates.

N. Mark Collins: Invertebrate displays in the zoos of the future.

Bob Wingate: Breeding the Hercules beetle at Whipsnade Wild Animal Park.

229 Ken Kawata: Hediger who? A plea for historical perspective.

Esmond Bradley Martin, Liu Xin Chen and Chen Ke Lin: The breeding centre for Siberian tigers in China.

Jacques Prescott and Michael Hutchins: Joining efforts to preserve biodiversity.

John Partridge: The two-toed sloth.

Richard A. Kock: Zoo Profile – Whipsnade Wild Animal Park.


Michael Darling and Malcolm Whitehead: The amazing cave jackal – notes on the bush dog at Twycross Zoo, U.K.

Atsushi Komori: The history of penguins at Ueno Zoo.

David Neville: British animal-keepers and the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976.

Michael Darling: Hand-rearing meerkats at Twycross Zoo – a diary of development.

Peggy D. Fosdick: Zoo Profile – The National Aquarium in Baltimore, U.S.A.


Lex Noordermeer: Visits to some French, Spanish and Portuguese zoos and aquariums.

Martin Hancox: Differences in avian and mammalian sociobiology: a reappraisal.

Günther Schleussner: Zoo Profile – Walsrode Bird Park, Germany.


Ken Kawata: Japan’s Species Survival Programme gets off the ground.

William McMahan: A declaration of interdependence. [Zoos and species survival.]

Jacques Prescott: The wildlife and zoos of China.

C.H. Keeling: The anti-captivity lobby – suggestions for a counter-attack.

Teresa Gutierrez de White: ACOPAZOO and the status of zoos in Colombia.

John Partridge: The Asian short-clawed otter – some husbandry notes.



Gotz Ruempler: The breeding of secretary birds at Münster Zoo, Germany.

Neville Brickell, Bruce Huntley & Ron Vorster: Observations on wild and captive magpie mannikins.

Robert R. Golding: Zoos as contemporary communicators.

Aleid Rensen-Oosting: Zoo Profile: Noorder Zoo, Emmen, Netherlands.


Anne-Marie Bisselink: Manatees at Burgers’ Zoo, Arnhem, Netherlands.

John Dineley: Principles of water treatment in aquatic mammal pools.

John Partridge: Meerkats at Bristol Zoo.

Martin Hancox: Smell as a factor in mammalian behaviour.


Angela R. Glatston: The red panda studbook.

Kay A. Kenyon: The zoo library – what can it do for your zoo?

M. Natsusaka: Breeding the red-eyed tree frog.

Jiri Volf: Natural or managed breeding – which is best for the Przewalski horse?


Dieter Ruedi & Kathleen Tobler: The International Studbook for the pygmy hippopotamus: a review.

Roland Wirth: Reintroduction – sometimes a conservation problem?

T. Nakayama, M. Furuhata & K. Nagai: Hatching and hand-raising a turkey vulture chick.

John Partridge: Cape porcupines at Bristol Zoo.

David Barnaby: The elephant, his keeper and the Royal Academy.

221 Mark Rosenthal: A zoo management course in China.

Gordon McGregor Reid: A fish rescue and breeding centre at the Horniman Museum.

Ken Kawata: `An ape in a bear costume’ – Belle Isle Zoo’s versatile spectacled bear.

Sally Walker: A zoo in the wildest wild India.

220 Alan H. Shoemaker: As leopards enter the nineties.

John Partridge: Little things can mean so much. [Environmental enrichment]

Andrew Eriksen: Breeding crocodiles and cheetahs in South Africa.

David Shepherdson, Tracy Brownback & Anne James: A mealworm dispenser for meerkats.


David Shepherdson: Beyond captive breeding: re-introducing endangered species to the wild.

Ian Bennet: The Chillingham wild cattle: a seven hundred year experiment in inbreeding.

Sally Walker: A three-level zoo occasion in India.


John M. Knowles: How much room in the ark?

Francesco Nardelli: A miracle in Vietnam. [Javan rhinoceros]

John Partridge: Mixed animal exhibits.

Ron Goudswaard: A new technique for full term incubation of kiwi eggs in an incubator.



Kurt Benirschke: The tagua or Chacoan giant peccary.

Sally Walker: White tigers – the Indian viewpoint.

Malcolm Whitehead: A week in the life of Twycross Zoo’s education department.

Peter Jackson: Saving the cats – the IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group.

216 Chryssee Perry Martin: Raising a baby tiger in Africa.

Jessica Holm: The scandal of trade in wild-caught parrots.


Leif Blomqvist: Status of the captive snow leopard in 1987.

Betsy L. Dresser: Indian desert cat birth makes history.

Richard O’Grady: A paradise for bears at Glasgow Zoo.

C.H. Keeling: What were you doing on Saturday 7th October 1950?

Sally Walker: Sangai in Indian zoos. [Manipur brow-antlered deer]


William Johnson: Monk seal conspiracy.

S. Paulraj & R. Thiruthalinathan: Breeding behaviour of Indian python.

M. Hancox: Badger conservation via captive-bred releases and translocations.

Pat Mansard: Some environmental considerations for small cats. [Ocelot & leopard cat]

N.M. Collins, J.E. Cooper & D. Hughes: Management and welfare of invertebrates in captivity.


John Partridge: The old ones 5. [Edinburgh Zoo]

Alice Miser: Progress of two young orangs at Topeka Zoo.

Gustavo A. Seluja: Bird sexing: look to the growing feather.

Mike Collett: New bear exhibit at Perth Zoo.

Arne Schiotz: Danmarks Akvarium – old but alive.


John Partridge: The old ones 4. [Dublin Zoo]

G.A. Crook: Red pandas at Adelaide Zoo.

Walter Leal Filho & Milena M.S.A. Leal: Animal conservation in Brazilian zoos.

Sally Walker: 4th All India Zoo Director Meeting.


211 Thomas F. Grittinger & D. Schultz: Underwater behaviour of captive polar bears.

M. Hancox: Some observations on ecology of coastal otters.

John Partridge: The old ones 3. [Bristol Zoo]

P. Dee Boersma: Magellanic penguins of Patagonia.


A.V. van Bruggen: Amsterdam Zoological Gardens, 1938-1988.

Don Cousins: Why is the gorilla such a large primate?

John Partridge: The old ones 2. [London Zoo ii]

M. Hancox: Badgers as social carnivores.

Bruce Read: Throwing a lifeline to the endangered kouprey.

209 John Partridge: The old ones 1. [London Zoo i]

Peter M.C. Stevens: Ne ne or bust. [Hawaiian goose]

M. Hancox: Pine marten recolonisation in Britain.

Sally Walker: The animal baggers. [Indian animal dealers]

Yves Girault: From the flea to the elephant. [New developments at Paris Zoo]

208 Eric K. Fox: Successful hatching of a great spotted kiwi.

Benny Shalmon: The Aravah gazelle.

Amelia S. Terkel: 1987 – Year of the Elephant in Ramat-Gan.

Gary H. Lee & Jon Charles Coe: Greenspace for primates. [Landscaping exhibits]

Anon (Sally Walker?): A tale of two Indian city zoos.

207 Gill Marais: Yalooni – a dream come true. [Arabian oryx]

Randall L. Brill: Can dolphins listen through their lower jaw?

M. Hancox: Badgers’ social behaviour – Part 2.

J. David Ligon: The evolution of co-operation in birds.

John Partridge: Quolls and devils. [Carnivorous marsupials]

206 D. Makin, J. Davis & H. Mendelssohn: The plight of bats in Israel.

Tony Warburton: Captive breeding and release of the barn owl.

Francesco Nardelli: The zoo – last haven, last chance?

M. Hancox: Badgers’ social behaviour – Part 1.



Christian R. Schmidt: The European Breeding Programme (EEP).

John Wortman: The Equine Exhibit, Denver Zoological Gardens. [Zebras]

Carrol C. Platz: Evaluating the fertility of the male lowland gorilla.

Marlena G. Cooper: American golden eagle reproduction.

M. Hancox: Woodpeckers in focus.


Pier Lorenzo Florio: A cetacean rescued. [Dolphin]

Kevin Mason: The superb lyrebird.

Jessica Holm: The native red squirrel.

Viktor Reinhardt: Coping with spacial confinement. [Musk oxen]


Viktor Reinhardt: Social behaviour of North American bison.

Steve Wilson: Breeding oriental small-clawed otters at Melbourne Zoo.

S. Paulraj & S. Subbarayalu Naidu: Breeding the Malabar giant squirrel.

Catherine E. King & Steffan Patzwahl: First successful hatching of the eastern white stork outside of China.

Yossi Leshem: Migrating birds over the Middle East.


M. Hancox: Badger conservation in perspective.

Alan Rabinowitz, Patrick Andau & Paul P.K. Chai: The clouded leopard in Malaysian Borneo.

John Partridge: Three months in the sun. [Doha Zoo, Qatar]

Francesco Nardelli: Conservation of the Javan rhinoceros.


Peter Bunyard: Dam threatens wildlife sanctuary.

Pat Sammarco: The lesser or collared anteater.

Ron Ringer: Elephant talk. [Command words for elephant keepers]


Sally Walker: Maneata: an apology for the tiger.

William L.R. Oliver: Jersey-bred conies go wild in Jamaica.

Douglas M. Richardson: Polar problems. [Polar bears]

Martin Hancox: European badger breeding in captivity.

Gary K. Clarke: A multi-dimensional zoo exhibit. [Apes at Topeka Zoo, Kansas]



Sanford Friedman: Breeding endangered species.

Martin Banks: Breeding the black rhinoceros in Great Britain.

Lee Boyd: A study of Przewalski horses at Topeka Zoo, U.S.A.

Rosemary Low: Breeding the Tahiti blue lory.

Vicki Lyn Bridge & Lin Ming-Sheung: Notes on rearing Chinese pangolins.

Don Richardson: Managing a colony of Victorian koala at the Los Angeles Zoo, U.S.A.


Russell Toft: Zoo or conservation breeding centre.

Paul Shapcott: Catching the black rhinoceros for transportation at Bristol Zoo.

Hans-Juergen Schroeder: Preventing inbreeding in captive populations: American black bears in captivity.


Robert Berghaier: Reflections on Central Africa. [Gorillas]

Alan Roocroft: Skin care in elephants.

Sally Walker: Breeding plot bears fruit: a Nilgiri langur baby.

Ron Goudswaard: Breeding the North Island brown kiwi.

196 David Makin & H. Mendelssohn: Development of bat population in Israel.

R.E. Stebbings: Britain’s largest population of hibernating bats under threat.

Susanne Wozniak & Werner Lantermann: Breeding the green-cheeked Amazon parrot.

Michael Stanner: Monitoring the desert monitor.

J.L. Throp: Accreditation: why do we need it?

Donald C. Richardson: Illness and recovery in a male koala.


David Houston: Can the Californian condor survive?

Russell Toft: Merely a question of boredom.

John Aspinall: The Howletts gorilla bands.

Bernard Sayers: Longterm survival plan for exotic owls in British collections.

Lyn Abra: Keeping a bird-eating spider.


194 Peter Dickinson: Maintenance, behaviour and breeding of African spur-thighed tortoise.

Laura Schuchard: Rehabilitation of red kangaroo with Downeroo syndrome.

P.J. Best: Contemporary coyotes in Ontario.

193 Malcolm Coe: The acacia and its interaction with animals.

Susan M. Barnard: Reptile care: nutritional disorders.

John Aspinall: Sentiment and tigers.

P.J. Wisniewski: The Libyan jird in captivity.

Peter Halliday: The year of the male. [Gorillas at Howletts]

192 David Bowles: The Californian sealion.

John Brannian & Connie Cloak: Notes on behaviour of two captive short-nosed echidnas.

Susan M. Barnard: Reptile care: environment and temperature.

191 Peter Karsten: Displaying natural rearing of beaver.

Roger Milstrey: Rock hyrax – little brothers of elephants.

Douglas M. Richardson: Management of Siberian lynx at Howletts Zoo Park.

Janis Ott-Joslin: Keeping dolphins healthy (and happy) at Brookfield Zoo, U.S.A.

190 Sanford Friedman: Conservation of endangered species.

H.G. Young: Night herons in captivity.

Philip U. Alkon & David Saltz: Studying the behavioural ecology of Negev porcupines.

John Brannian: Separation depression in an adult female orang utan.

Floyd Sandford: The zoo’s role in animal behaviour education.


G.M. Benbow: Veterinary work in a safari park.

George B. Rabb: Genesis of Tropic World. [Brookfield Zoo, Chicago]

Miranda F. Stevenson: Penguins in captivity.

Edward C. Schmitt: Expedition: New Guinea.



John Cohen: Captive breeding of hooded vultures.

M. Hutchins, D. Hancocks & C. Crockett: Naturalistic solutions to the behavioural problems of captive animals.

Devra G. Kleiman: Panda breeding.

187 Angus Martin: The zoo as a community resource.

Y. Markovsky & B. Pinshow: The Saharan sand viper.

A.C. Van Bruggen: Symposium on zoological gardens in the Netherlands.

Betsy L. Dresser: Rare bongo embryo transferred to eland.


Ed Ramsey: Propagation programmes for endangered species.

George Bingham: Taronga’s veterinary quarantine centre.

H.G. Young & M. Kilkenny: Breeding history and husbandry of twin-wattled cassowary at Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland.

Sue Scott: The grizzled grey tree kangaroo.

Margaret Mackay: Hand-rearing long-nosed echidna.

185 Andrew Laurie: The rhinoceros in Asia.

Richard J. Wood: Spontaneous use of sticks as tools by gorillas at Howletts Zoo Park, England.

David J. Chivers: Primate conservation in Asia.


Ivo Poglayen-Neuwall: Introduction of exotic ungulates into New Mexico.

Steve Clevenger: The role of the modern zoo in the preservation of species.


Fred Jacobs: Goeldi’s beautiful monkey.

Mike Lockyer: Azoturia in a Grant’s zebra.

Cathy Rickabaugh: Hand-rearing and wild fostering of two bald eagle chicks.

Don Cousins: Notes on the genus Mandrillus.

T. Bobrowicz: Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphins at Windsor Safari Park.


182 R.J. Elgar: Humming birds: their care and management.

Connie Cloak & John Brannia: Echidna study at the Topeka Zoo.

Werner & Dorothee Stamm: Thoughts on the use and abuse of studbooks.

Bill Clark: African wild ass.


L.S. Mowbray: The Galapagos penguin at the Bermuda Government Aquarium.

Ing. Struzka Milos: Egg-laying and incubation in the emu.

Ron Parrish: Breeding the noisy pitta.

Peter B. Pugh: Advances in hand-rearing techniques for thick-billed parrot at the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust.


Gunther Wennrich: Keeping Asian white storks at Vogelpark Walsrode, Germany.

Wendy Wienker: Giraffe squeeze cage procedure for hooftrimming at Woodland Park Zoo.

Janet Rasmussen: Maned wolves – a new perspective.

A. Milstrey: The fox on stilts.

Oliver Claffey & Bob Johnson: Captive reproduction of the sheltopusik (Ophisaurus apodus).

179 Don Cousins: Mortality factors in captive gorillas.

Randy Brill: Dolphin training.

John Partridge: The management of the pygmy hippopotamus at Bristol Zoo.


P.L. Florio: Birth of a lion x leopard hybrid in Italy.

Robert W. Henderson: Reptiles on the air. [Electronic tracking of wild snakes]

Kenneth R. Kaemmerer: Longevity of primates at the Dallas Zoo.

John Aspinall: Some aspects of behaviour in the Howletts gorilla colony.

Charles Cordier: Reminiscences of live animal collecting in Zaire.

Thomas J. Foose: The Species Survival Plan of the AAZPA.

177 Susan Clarke & G. Mitchell: Primate predation report: survey results.

Stephen R. Wylie: Breeding the African spoonbill at the St Louis Zoological Park, U.S.A.

The Hawk Trust: The barn owl in Britain.

G. Wennrich: Sunbathing behaviour in five species of ibises (Threskiornithidae) at the Walsrode Bird Park, Germany.

Ted Daehnke: Spider monkey breeding at the California Alligator Farm.

Dra. M. Celma: Madrid’s panda female, Shao-Shao, gives birth to twins.



Haruo Ohtsu: Masked palm civet (Paguma larvata) in nocturnal exhibit.

Uwe W. Peters: The breeding of endangered reptiles.

J. Sabater-Pi: Gorilla births in Barcelona Zoological Gardens.


Terry Boyland: Reptile pits: for and against.

Shin-Ichiro Chamura: Breeding of the masked palm civet.

Don Cousins: Dental disease in the gorilla.

Eberhard Curio: Individual menus of anoles.


174 Jan Smielowski, Piotr Stanislawski & Tadeusz Taworski: Breeding the giant anteater.

Thomas F. Grittinger & Ralph J. Konrath: Management of snow leopards at Milwaukee.

Andre P. Verstraete: Primate collections at Antwerp & Planckendael.

James D. Paterson, Valerie M. McGrath & Alan Smart: Stress and the development of gibbon behaviour.

173 Stella Brewer: Freddie’s story. [Rescue and rehabilitation of a poached chimpanzee]

David M. Jones: Veterinary care of non-domestic species.

Joe B. Blossom: New technique for species labels at Slimbridge.


Anon.: Al-Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve. [Bahrain]

Frank Seminerio: Imitating nature at Rio Grande Zoo. [Simulating natural rock formations]

Chris W. Furley & Peter Dickinson: Arabian oryx herd at Al Ain Zoo.

F.L. Widholzer, M. Bergmann & C. Zotz: Breeding the little spotted cat (Felis tigrina).


Barbara Rothstein: Ringtailed lemur (Lemur catta) behaviour on a zoo island.

David M. Jones: Ungulate status in the wild and in captivity.

Nigel Sitwell: Keeper courses by correspondence.


Graham Law & Hugh Boyle: Breeding caracals at Calderpark.

E. Michael Douglass: First gorilla born using artificial insemination

Tan Bangjie: Wild horses found in northern China.

Nigel Sitwell: New zoo opens in Greater Miami.



James B. Murphy: Breeding Bothrops at Dallas Zoo.

John Aspinall: Double disaster at Howletts.

Andre Schenker: Longevity records at Basle Zoo.

168 Jan Hatley: The educational role of zoos.

Sylvie Cantin & Jacques Prescott: Visitor routes at Quebec Zoo.

167 Roland Wirth: Indonesian parrots need zoos’ help.

Sylvie Cantin & Jacques Prescott: Species popularity at Quebec Zoo.

Tom Begg: Visits to Spanish zoos.

166 John Coborn: Saving Europe’s herpetofauna.

Ernst Kullmann: New enclosures at Cologne Zoo. [Lemur & colobus]

Peter Ferguson: New zoo for Tripoli.


S. David McKelvey: Red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus): a zoo necessity.

A. Schenker et al.: Keeping and breeding the waldrapp ibis (Geronticus eremita).

Randall L. Eaton: On behavioural research in zoos.

Nigel Sitwell: Dream comes true with Arabian oryx.


L.G. Goodwin: Science in the zoo.

Jan van den Brink: Three Asian zoos. [Karachi, Colombo, Kathmandu]

S. David McKelvey: Breeding the arrow-marked babbler (Turdoides jardinei) at San Antonio Zoo.



Don Cousins: The status of Mandrillus in British zoological collections, with notes on conservation.

C.H. Keeling: The Sousse zoological garden. [Tunisia]

Leif Blomqvist: The 1978 register for the captive population of snow leopards.


Michael R. Brambell: Controlling the trade in endangered species.

Ken Kawata & Joe Bennett: Elephants in U.S. zoos mid-1976.

P.J. Sharp: Moitaka Wildlife Sanctuary and Crocodile Farm, Port Moresby.

161 Greysolynne J. Fox: Successful siamang husbandry at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Richard Johnstone-Scott: Notes on mother-rearing in the western lowland gorilla.

David Hancocks: A note on using natural artifacts in zoo exhibits.


Lord Fisher: Four South American zoos.

Clayton F. Freiheit: A visit to four Chinese zoos.

P.W. Lowe: The introduction, management, care and behaviour of the bare-throated bell bird (Procnias nudicollis).


Zhang Cizu: Wild elephant breeds in Chinese zoo for the first time.

J.A.V. Roman: Ecological distribution of Dominican iguanas.

Jan Smielowski: Births of white American tapirs.

Marvin L. Jones: Longevity of mammals in captivity.

158 Harold Pearson: International Okapi Symposium.

Marvin L. Jones: Visits to the Omaha and Wichita Zoos, U.S.A.

Don Cousins: External measurements of captive gorillas.

Dra. M. Celma: Giant pandas at Madrid Zoo.


Hua Chin: China’s first baby giant panda reproduced through artificial insemination.

P.J. Sharp: Notes on the Paris zoos and some German zoos visited in August 1978. [Bochum, Dortmund, Krefeld, Munster, Osnabruck,

Gelsenkirchen, Saarbrucken]

Dennis R.H. Levy: Madrid Zoo.

Michael Hutchings, David Hancocks & Theresa Calip: Behavioural engineering in the zoo: a critique (Part III).



Anon.: Orca Society hopes to decipher killer whale language.

S. David McKelvey: Notes on breeding the Kenya crested guinea fowl (Guttera pucherani).

Anon.: Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo, New South Wales.

W.J. van den Brink: A model for a `geo-zoo’ with minimal technical equipment and simplified management.

Michael Hutchings, David Hancocks & Theresa Calip: Behavioural engineering in the zoo: a critique (Part II).


Don Cousins: The reaction of apes to water, with reference to filled moats.

Ken Kawata & Mike Hendy: A perspective: zoo-going and animal popularity.

Michael Hutchings, David Hancocks & Theresa Calip: Behavioural engineering in the zoo: a critique (Part I).


Pierre Brouard: Blij-Dorp Zoo’s Notogaea exhibition.

Marvin L. Jones: A visit to some central and eastern European zoological collections – Part 2. [East Berlin, Warsaw]


Leif Blomqvist: First International Snow Leopard Conference in Helsinki.

Jan R. van Oosten: IECF awards. [International Ecological Conservation Foundation]


Anon.: The Howletts and Port Lympne collection of wild animals.

Marvin L. Jones: A visit to some central and eastern European zoological collections – Part 1. [Cologne, West Berlin]

Andre P. Verstraete: Thoughtful labels show a thinking zoo.


John Knowles: Milestone at Marwell.

Mary Elizabeth Raw: A survey of elephants in the British Isles.

Mark Rich: Elephant orphanage.

P.J. Sharp: Zoos of the Low Countries. [Antwerp, Planckendael, Rotterdam, Wassenaar, Amsterdam]

Don Cousins: Notes on bacterial & fungal infections in the gorilla.

Ernst Lang: Some remarks about the okapi.

Christian R. Schmidt, Jeremy J.C. Mallinson & Peter Weilenmann: International cooperation for captive breeding of the pygmy hog (Sus


H. Van Rompaey: Longevity of a banded mongoose (Mungos mungo gmelin) in captivity.


Don Cousins: The diminutive Pan. [Pygmy chimpanzee]

Pierre Brouard: Lisbon’s unusual zoo guest. [Black rhino with third (grafted) horn]

John Coborn: Captive breeding of red-billed hornbills (Tockus erythrorhyncus) at Cotswold Wild Life Park.

Anon.: How to play your client for a sucker; or a crook’s advice to a zoo architect.


Anon.: Breeding the southern elephant seal at Antwerp Zoo.

Don Cousins: Breeding gorillas in zoos.

Dieter Poley: New African enclosure in Heidelberg Zoo.

P.J. Sharp: Report on the Jardin des Plantes and Vincennes Zoological Park, Paris.

Steven Joines: Introduction of incompatible gorillas at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Chris Carlson: Polygraph testing for emu egg fertility at Indianapolis Zoo.



L. Kuschinski & L. Brown: Maintenance and breeding of the Indian fruit bat at Calderpark Zoo, Glasgow.

Mats Amundin: Bottlenosed dolphin birth in Kolmardens Dolphinarium.

Francisco L. Widholzer & Walter A. Voss: Notes on breeding the king vulture.

Jan Bouman: The International Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Przewalski Horse.

Jan Bouman: Some conclusions and reflections about inbreeding of the Przewalski horse.

Dick Dekker: Manatee born at Artis Zoo, Amsterdam.


W. Gewalt: Tasmanian devil twins born at Duisburg Zoo.

Anon: Biblical scenes in the Jerusalem Zoological Garden.

Don Cousins: The white tiger and its status in captivity.

Andre P. Verstraete: Orang utan breeding in the United Kingdom.


Susanne Adams & Georgia Babladelis: An ecological approach to animal groups in zoos – Part 2.

Jeremy Mallinson: The re-discovery of the pigmy hog.

Anon.: Partial hand-raising of a male polar bear cub at the Rio Grande Zoo, Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Susanne Adams & Georgia Babladelis: An ecological approach to animal groups in zoos – Part 1.


Ron Snyder: Putting the wild back into the zoo. [Displaying hunting behaviour at Brookfield Zoo]

Marvin L. Jones: Second captive generation reproduction of orang utans.


Paul Garland: A new zoo park in Christchurch.

Douglas Dickins: A far eastern marineland. [Ocean Park, Hong Kong]


L.C. Rookmaaker: The identity of the one-horned rhinoceros in Berlin 1874-1884.

K.H. Lindau: Death of polar bears following food poisoning.

Dra. M. Celma: Zoo de la Casa de Campo, Madrid.


Jeremy Mallinson: Panel to investigate the long-term breeding of greater anthropoid apes in Great Britain and Ireland.

R.T. Reuther: Some comments on the Caribbean, its animals and animal facilities.

Alan H. Shoemaker: Two years after opening – the zoo in Columbia.



Martin John: Moscow: trade partner for zoo and circus – meeting place of a thousand animals.

Gerald Durrell: Gerald Durrell’s Mauritian expedition.

Tom Goldsberry: Of Bangkok, bazaars and bantengs.


Joe Bennett: A summary on maintaining a pair of siamangs in captivity.

Mark S. Rich: The Alaska Children’s Zoo.


Richard Quick: Gorilla habitat display. [Houston Zoo, Texas]

Dennis Levy: Personal impressions of Yugoslavia.

Bengt Larsson: Birth of a zebra.


Anon.: The new lion terraces at London Zoo.

Don Cousins: Censuses of gorillas in zoological collections with notes on numerical status and conservation.

M. Murofushi: Keeping the Australian echidna in captivity.

D.E. Murphy: Enrichment and occupational devices for orang utans and chimpanzees.


William G. Conway: Zoos and conservation.

I.S. Suwelo: Zoological gardens in Indonesia.


R. Glover: A South American zoo. [Rio de Janeiro]

Y. Ota: Breeding of the Cape penguin (Spheniscus demersus).


Dennis R.H. Levy & Pierre Brouard: Impressions of Quito Zoo.

Alan H. Shoemaker: Chinese leopard studbook.

Pierre Brouard: Rare birds in Czech zoos.

Anon.: Cheetahs bred by private owner in Holland.


Bent Jørgensen: How a boy of seventeen started it all! [Founder of I.Z.N. in 1951]

Gerard Van Dam: Has my ideal been realised? [Editor of I.Z.N. 1954-1973]

Norman Myers: How is China’s wildlife faring?



Alan H. Shoemaker: Persian leopard studbook.

John Coborn: Munster’s zoological garden.

Thomas F. Grittinger: Scent marking behaviour of captive cheetahs.

Prudence Hutshing: Mystery surrounding zoo’s Galapagos Islands tortoise nears solution. [Identifying subspecies at San Diego.]


Pierre Brouard: Rare mammals in Czech zoos.

Ian F. Spellerberg et al.: Extracts from 1975 Symposium on Conservation and Captive Reptiles and Amphibians.

Gotz Ruempler: Walruses in Bremerhaven’s `Zoo-by-the-Sea’.


Alan Shoemaker: Amur leopard studbook.

William Newland: Riviere Noire, Mauritius.

C.H. Keeling: Iceland’s only zoological garden.

Georgia Babladelis: Gorilla births in captivity.

B.M. Marsault: Auks breeding in captivity.

C.H. Keeling: The Tunis Zoological Garden.


A.P.G. Michelmore: International Symposium on Zoo Design and Construction, Paignton, May 13-15, 1975.

Laurence Gledhill: Woodland Park Zoo’s `Project Caspar’. [Breeding lion-tailed macaques]

Pierre Brouard: The terrarium of the Parque del Este, Caracas, Venezuela.

Clayton F. Freiheit: Denver Zoo opens Bird World.

J.D. Romer: Hong Kong’s `new’ zoo.


Randall L. Eaton: Status of felids in Western Hemisphere zoos with emphasis on breeding smaller species


Richard Glover: The eland, and a hope that failed in Victorian England.

Anon: Anoas at the West Berlin Zoo.

Jeremy J.C. Mallinson: Two months in Zaire.


Heinz-Georg Klos: For the first time: birth of a gorilla at West Berlin Zoo.


Ken Kawata: Bactrian camels in Japanese zoos.

Anon: The woolly monkey colony at Looe, Cornwall, England.

Patricia Stathatos: Zoos in Greece.

Holger Poulsen: Keeping chimpanzees occupied in captivity.

Ronald D. Nadler: Breeding of the gorilla in captivity.



Anon: Photo-feature on social and parental behaviour in a woolly monkey group.


Loren E. Coleman: Melanistic phases of Felidae in captivity: preliminary survey results.

Pierre Brouard: Giant pandas at the Vincennes Zoo, Paris.


Marvin L. Jones: The okapi in captivity.

Richard Glover: Knowsley Hall: a tale of lost opportunities.

Ronald T. Reuther: Zoo and wildlife conservation.


K. Ozawa and H. Hori: Breeding of Andean condor.

Rolando Romero: Notes on the red-fronted macaw.

Charles Watson: Report on the experimental enrichment of the chimpanzee environment.

P.L. Florio: The Parc Zoologique National de Rabat.


Anon: Animal acupuncture in China.

Anon: The history of the Philadelphia Zoological Garden.


(No long `feature-type’ articles)


Gunther Nogge: Kabul Zoo.

Prior to 1974, I.Z.N. was edited in the Netherlands, and we have only a few copies from that time.